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Often provocative, always creative: meet graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister | The British woodcrafters bringing a new dimension to an age-old skill | Sample Paul Pairet’s Michelin-starred culinary delights in Shanghai | See how Iris van Herpen is redefining fashion technology | Time-travel to the futuristic city of Seoul


THE CURVE SUMMER 2019 DESIGN PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Celebrate the late Zaha Hadid’s legacy even as you liven up any room. Expert craftsmanship meets design artistry in the RE/Form Carpet Collection, which pays homage to one of the greatest architects of our time by reimagining her signature geometric exteriors as a collection of iconic interior pieces. With a name that nods to the notion of reconfiguration and transformation, the collection’s 22 designs give new form to themes prominent in Hadid’s work: organic cellular shapes, pixelated landscapes, striated lines and ribbon-like projections. Patterns within each grouping capture Hadid’s signature use of interweaving, layering and play with light and shadow. Crafted by luxury carpet manufacturer Royal Thai and made in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design, the carpets are woven on Axminster looms and hand-tufted.

STORIES: MELISA GRAY WARD IMAGES: ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS; FRAGILE FUTURE BY STUDIO DRIFT, REPRESENTED BY CARPENTERS WORKSHOP GALLERY The deeply poetic and magnificently labourintensive Fragile Future is formed of bronze electrical circuits connected to lightemitting dandelions COMBINING TECH ART, PERFORMANCE AND BIODESIGN, THEY INVITE REFLECTION ON THE NATURAL WORLD CRAFTSMANSHIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC Nature can be as dazzling as it can be bizarre, so what better inspiration to take when creating surreal dreamscapes out of lights? Dutch art collective Studio Drift’s light installations and interactive sculptures combine tech art, performance and biodesign in works that invite audiences to reflect on their relationship with the natural world. Founders Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta seek to rethink the way we use technology. In Flylight, light mimics the behaviour of birds in flight to explore concepts of group safety versus individual agency and freedom. Meadow features mechanical flowers in a kinetic structure that opens and closes, reminding the viewer about natural growth processes and the change of seasons. With a prestigious track record of exhibitions and installations, including the Venice Art Biennale, Studio Drift continues to show globally, with works showing in Mexico, Finland and the US this year. THE JAGUAR 11

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JAGUAR MAGAZINE celebrates creativity in all its forms, with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from seductive design to cutting-edge technology.

The latest issue features a range of inspiring people: from Luke Jennings, creator of Villanelle, one of the most interesting television characters in recent times, to Marcus Du Sautoy, who ponders whether artificial intelligence is on the brink of becoming creative. Out on the road, we visit the US to explore the foodie heaven of Portland in a Jaguar I-PACE, take a Jaguar XE to the south of France to get a photographer’s viewpoint of the charming town of Arles, and much more.

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