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In this issue, we introduce a fresh new addition to the Jaguar family with the launch of the E-PACE. F1 racer Romain Grosjean reveals his passion for Jaguar while the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team gives an insight into their preparations. Plus, we get to grips with the fast-paced sport of drone racing and spend a unique day with the XF Sportbrake.



THE ULTIMATE ONE-DAY ADVENTURE From daring stunts and fresh powder to a relaxing snack in the mountain sun: all in a day’s work for our two board-loving friends, Daniel Dingerkus (below, left) and Basti Kuhn (below, right) Sebastian ‘Basti’ Kuhn was just 18 when he first arrived at the foot of the German Alps. Fresh out of school, he made the trip alone from his hometown of Bamberg near Munich to the small village of Garmisch, lodged between Austria and Bavaria at the foot of the Zugspitze – an impressive snow-covered glacier, and officially Germany’s highest peak at 9,717 feet. With no job and no obligations, he rented a small room with little more than a single bed and a makeshift kitchen and prepared for a new life as a full-time snowboarder. His plan worked. Now 34, he has made a name for himself in the German snowboarding scene with various sponsorship deals and magazine features to his name. “In the end it all worked out pretty well,” he says with a grin, as he covers his eyes with his gloved hand to shield himself from the morning sun. You can tell that he is excited to be back, as he stands ready to take on the moonscape of the Zugspitze off-trail tracks below. “I mean, what more could you possibly want in life?” Basti hasn’t come up here with us to enjoy the view, though. Rather, he has something very special in mind for the day. The Zugspitze summit is located a mere 75 miles from downtown Munich, which just so happens to be the home of one of the world’s most famous urban surf waves, the Eisbachwelle. This makes Munich and its surroundings one of the few places in the world where one can spend the morning in the mountains snowboarding and still make it into town for an evening surf session, all in one day. And we are about to witness how it is done. The plan involves getting up at 6am for the drive to the top of the German Alps, spend the morning and early afternoon at the Zugspitze, and then head back into central Munich to hit the famous wave. To show us that this ultimate day of action-packed boarding extravaganza is indeed possible, Basti has teamed up with 24-year-old Daniel Dingerkus, a professional surfer who grew up in Bavaria in a surfing family. Born to ride, Daniel started skiing at just three years old, and has since branched out to wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. “It’s what you do around here,” Daniel says as he polishes his goggles and takes measure of the valley below. “When you live in a place where the distance between city and nature offers you all these opportunities, many people end up living active lives. I don’t know what I’d be doing if I weren’t on one of my boards.” Basti and Daniel move with elegance and confidence, seemingly knowing every little hump or bend, chatting away as they cut through the snow. Then, suddenly, they stop. We are told to stand back, as they scope out a small mound and climb up the hill. We hear a slow swiiiiish from above, THE JAGUAR 57

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The latest issue features a range of inspiring people: from Luke Jennings, creator of Villanelle, one of the most interesting television characters in recent times, to Marcus Du Sautoy, who ponders whether artificial intelligence is on the brink of becoming creative. Out on the road, we visit the US to explore the foodie heaven of Portland in a Jaguar I-PACE, take a Jaguar XE to the south of France to get a photographer’s viewpoint of the charming town of Arles, and much more.

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