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| A charged-up drive of the New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal’s Algarve | The inside line on the creation of the revolutionary I-PACE | Reinventing a classic: meet the E-type Concept Zero | Fifty years of the iconic XJ saloon | Exclusive interview with tennis star Johanna Konta | Can supercomputers revolutionise art? 

the Jaguar F-TYPE,

the Jaguar F-TYPE, offering you a full 380 HP under the hood. This will take you from 0-60 mph in just 4.9 seconds* if you are driving an XE S while an XF will do so in 5 seconds flat. “The XE is a driver’s car. That’s what I like about it. It’s beautifully proportioned and is as refined a sedan as they come – but it performs like a racer. It’s unapologetically a Jaguar and that makes it so attractive,” says 31-year-old Sasha Levin from South Yakutia in northeast Russia. Like Obradnov, Levin has built a promising career on the back of his Instagram feed, which is followed daily by a whopping 120,000 followers. His style emphasizes light, form, symmetry and a certain raw beauty that he is proud to call is own. “I always try to listen to my instincts,” he says. “I am not afraid of experimenting, and even though I do monitor photographic trends and try to always develop, what I do is mine and that’s good enough for me.” I have always been into cars, ever since childhood. They are a natural part of my life,” he continues. “But the XE is special. It has so much character. It has a lot of details, but nothing seems to look the same twice, even with small adjustments to angles or lighting. So, I can really experiment and do what I love: express myself in my work. Even on a damp, misty day in Moscow, it looks like a powerful animal that was just aching to be let loose.” While Levin’s feed proves that his skills can be applied to a number of subjects, photographing cars remains special, he says. “When you photograph humans, things like mood @SASHALEVIN Sasha Levin’s eye for the drama of urban lifestyle – applied to anything from cityscapes to the Jaguar XE (below and right) – has earned him a massive fan base from all across the world NAME: Sasha Levin AGE: 31 INSTAGRAM HANDLE: @sashalevin FOLLOWERS: 120,000 EQUIPMENT: Olympus Born in northeast Russia, Sasha Levin has built a career as one of Russia’s most in-demand Instagram photographers, working for a number of major brands. When he isn’t traveling around the world for work, he today resides in Moscow, exploring the Russian capital’s hidden back alleys and rooftops in search of the next epic shot * Always follow local speed limits. 60 THE JAGUAR

HOT SHOTS “I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INTO CARS. THEY ARE A NATURAL PART OF MY LIFE” and skills of the model can make or break a great photo. But a car always gives you 100% if you know how to treat it right. And even though it’s an object, it always finds new ways to come alive; change the angle half a degree, find a new reflection, or focus on a tiny shade cast across the hood – and suddenly you get a completely new interpretation of volume and form. It really is very unique. But this is also the best tool you have. It’s an opportunity to create your own style of expression and make sure you get to stand out from the rest.” With thousands of especially younger photographers making waves on Instagram with car photography, this becomes key. Individual style is everything if you dream of a lifestyle like Otradnov and Levin’s, packed with everyday adventures and assignments that allow them to roam the world in search of the next epic shot. So how do you stay unique? What does it take to live this dream? “Be interesting and try to do something no one else does, and never be afraid of trying out something new,” Otradnov says, revealing that he has plans to launch both a website and a video channel for fans to follow his work more closely. “I for sure won’t rest on my laurels. My goal is to continue doing what I love.” “Ignore the rules,” Levin adds. He too has grand plans: Over the next few months he will head to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Portugal, all for work. When he returns he plans to open a store where fans can buy high-quality prints of his best work. “It’s all about ignoring the rules. Do things your way and stick to it. You will see that this is what it takes. It’s all about showing people the world as you see it.” Visit and discover the many ways to configure your XE or XF and make it your own European model shown. THE JAGUAR 61



THE JAGUAR #06 Magazine


The Jaguar magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Jaguar, and this latest issue brims with stories of inspiring people from around the world: designers, inventors, free thinkers. And there’s plenty of motoring action too. Savour the sound of silence as the I-PACE explores Finland, relive the glory of the legendary XJ220, discover the fashionable elegance of the 1978 XJ, and much more.

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